“Made to measure“ paragliding packages!

With its “made to measure” paragliding package options, AIR REUNION is committed to giving you a quality experience, offering you the choice of personalised courses designed to meet all your needs, at a price that’s right for you.

AIR REUNION runs courses that are adapted to your requirements allowing you the option of choosing between one-to-one tuition, with your own personal instructor, or learning as part of a small group. We have a shuttle-bus on hand to offer easy transportation for long distance and cross-country flights. And if you want to reach your full potential, we can help you progress to the level you want.

  • Cross-country, piloting, flight analysis…
  • First flight tandem training, if required
  • Discovery of new sites with a shuttle-bus on hand throughout the day (For example, Dos d’âne, Bellmene, St Joseph, Piton Rond…)
  • Competitive flying
  • Wing trials


Our main aim is to ensure your enjoyment of this sport in total security.

Feel free to contact us for further information and advice.



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Enrolment requirements

  • Minimum age of 14 years and over.
  • A medical certificate, dated less than 3 months, confirming suitable fitness for paragliding. This is required to obtain a permit to practise the sport, incorporating mandatory insurance. (An additional €48).



Price : 260€

  • 2/3 slope school sessions. The course starts with the slope school, located on a small hillside which is perfect for becoming familiar with the equipment including the canopy, harness and helmet. You will learn how to handle them on the ground, how to take-off and land and the basics of how to control them and your flight course in the air.
  • 1 theory lesson. You move on to learning the basics of piloting and the rules of the air, building a safe and fulfilling attitude to flying, planning a landing sequence, using the safety parachute and learning about the complexities of meteorology and air movement.
  • 2 solo flights. With an instructor at take-off and one at landing, you are equipped with a 2-way radio and, under their instruction, you will have a real taste of the enjoyment of paragliding, as well as practising your flying exercises.
  • Or tandem training session if required. This is a tandem flight with an instructor who guides you through the technical flying breakdown, step by step. Together you decide on your flight plan, take over the controls in flight, practise exercises, plan your landing sequence, and land, with firsthand explanation as you go.

Before each flight: briefing (weather and air movement analysis+ flight objective).

After each flight : debriefing (take-off/ flight/landing).



Price : 380€

  • 10 solo flights : The aim of this course is to allow you to reach your full potential. Our instructors will train you to become autonomous at take off and landing through an effective progression. The importance of piloting exercises cannot be stressed enough and these are practised to perfect the techniques and ensure that you make beautiful flights.
  • 2 theory lessons
    1: Enhance your knowledge of flight theory and air movement; thermals, wind gradients and temperature meteorology.
    2: Flight mechanics and soaring. Detailed flight exercise instruction.

Before each flight: briefing (weather and air movement analysis+ flight objective).
After each flight: debriefing (take-off/ flight/landing).

BOOKING Piloting Course

Optional services

Additional flight

Price : 45 €

  • For all courses, complete your customized training by adding new flights.

slope school sessions

Price : 75 €

  • To complete your training, you learn a new wing or resume smoothly after a long period without flying, do not hesitate to return a few hours training hill.  (See video)


Réservation d'un Stage :

stage inititation (290 €)stage Perfectionnement (550€)

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